Free Student Google Login Cards

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Hello! Just a really quick and simple post that I wanted to share. I created the above Google Login Cards for the students at my school from Google Slides. Grab a copy for yourself and edit the information to fit your class needs!
Grab your copy here!


Toontastic is Fantastic! Free Storyboard Included.

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If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a huge fan of project-based learning; and anyway you can incorporate an easy-to-use app that is applicable across the board- I. Am. In!

Toontastic from Google is one of those tools! And best part of it all it is free! Use this 3D story-based app to have you or your students draw, animate and narrate their way to the top of the class. Equipped with an idea lab to help your students begin the journey or have them create a 3 or 5 part guided story or 5 part science report. Did I mention this was free?

I love how the creators at Google prompt their users throughout the story but explaining the different elements in a fun and exciting way.

Personally, my children have been glued to my cell phone creating stories on how much I need to go on vacation… I was even able to download it to keep for a future reference!

Anyway, any great story always should start with good planning. The last thing you want (or need) is having your students come up to the Toontastic bat without an idea of where to begin. I created these storyboard printable for my class, and of course I would love to share them with you all.

Happy creating- and please feel free to share!

Download the free Toontastic Storyboard here.


I can see myself using this to discuss netiquette, Internet Safety, or creating an introduction to the Computer Lab for my students.

Check out more digital storytelling apps here.

Math Resources From Around the Web

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Math. I have to be the first one to admit that it is not my strong suit. I only could wish that they had math applications like the ones listed below for me as I was growing up. Who knows- maybe I could of been a mathematician? Who am I kidding? My right side of my brain is a little bit more dominant.

Anyway- here are some tried and true math games that you can bring into your classroom (or home). Most are free with paid versions.

Splash Math– Is a great game based math site for students in grades K-5. With fun, interactive customizable math games, what kid wouldn’t want to practice their math facts to improve their score? They also have apps available for free and to purchase in iTunes.

Prodigy– I was first introduced to Prodigy at a NYSCATE conference back in 2015. I was handed a flier and spoke to the representative for a matter of 15 minutes. I went back to my hotel that night, logged in and played math (yes, me) for about an hour. I was hooked. Prodigy is great for students K-8 and is a completely free (with paid subscriptions) game based learning system. Have your students battle each other as they go head to head in the same world to answer math facts that are on his/her level. Love. This.

BrainPOP’s Slice Fractions– You want to talk about a fun way to teach children about fractions and logic? Then you must try BrainPOP’s Slice Fractions! Yet another math game that I could spend hours playing. I truly believe that BrainPOP got this one right- although, don’t get me wrong, they have a pretty extensive list of excellent math games that you can check out here as well.

Math Playground- This site was my go-to site when I used to help out as an enrichment teacher. Since 2002, Math Playgrounds has been a promising place on the Web to find free, educational math games to help your students enhance or sharpen their math skills!


PBS Math–  Math mixed with the PBS characters that we all love. Who doesn’t love that? Whether your students learn to “Dress up Time” or measure all the “silly things” with Curious George- this Website is sure to be a hit!

What’s your favorite math place to go to on the Web?

Bloom Into EdTech Alert: Google Releases Insert Video from Drive for Google Slides

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Omigoodness- no way! The moment that I have been waiting for: you can now insert videos from your Google Drive into Google Slides!!!

Why is this so exciting? 

For starters, say your students spent hours creating a “how to video” or they created a video just in general, and they do not have the ability to have a YouTube Channel, this is a great way to embed their videos into Google Slides!

For educators or trainers like myself this is also a great way to share information with your faculty and staff. I often create videos that specifically pertain to my fellow educators at my school. Inserting videos from Google Drive into Google Slides would be a fabulous way for me to create a library of my “in-house” videos for an easy one-stop location.

How would you use this new feature?


Valentine’s Day Kid’s Coding Ideas

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Roses are red,

Violets are blue.
Here are some coding sites
just for you.

Wow. Sorry. I couldn’t help it.

It’s that time of year again. Where we fall head over heels in love. Why not this year- fall in love with coding?

Here are some ideas to get you and your students started!

From Tynker:

On Cloud Nine

Create a Valentine’s Card

From Google’s Made w/ Code:

Fall in Love with Code

From Thinkful:

Code a Valentine’s Day eCard

Animoto Tutorial

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Animoto is a great tool to use as an educator. At my school we use it religiously every month to showcase what we have been up to at our school to our families.

Animoto can be just as powerful in your classroom as well.

Students can use the tool to produce digital stories, explanation videos or powerful presentations.

You can use it as a way for your students to create a gift for their families around special occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or graduation.

I have created a tutorial that I use with my professional developments. Please feel free to use it for yourself by clicking here.


Don’t forget to check out my Website, Bloom Into EdTech where I organize all my tutorials in one neat place!

How do you use Animoto in your classroom?

Canva Tutorial

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I really want to take a moment {a non-endorsed, free speaking moment} and say how much in love I am with Canva.

I seriously use it for everything.

From making advertisements, newsletters and brochures for my school (both as an educator and with the students) – to using it with my blog and Web design.

Honestly, if you are new to Canva, it definitely warrants a look and see.

Below is a tutorial that I have written for an upcoming professional development. Please feel free to grab a copy for your self!

Link to GDoc.

Preview of Tutorial:

Google Trainer Application: Accepted!

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I am so excited to announce that I have been officially accepted as a Google Certified Trainer! I was even going to write a speech for this moment, but there no words that will scream how excited I actually am! {I am just kidding about the speech part….maybe.}

How did I get started? How did I end up here?

I sat down a few months ago and generated a five year plan for myself. I posed the question:

Who do I want to become?

Since then, I generated a list of items I want to accomplish to become the person that I envision to be five years from now.

Among the list of accomplishments are:

  • developing my leadership skills
  • continue to educate myself and grow in the field of emerging media
  • obtain a series of certifications to valid my love for educational technology
The list above is of course only a snippet of what I desire. Since I sat down and envisioned myself 5 years from now, I went back to college and enrolled in the Educational Leadership Master’s program with a concentration in emerging media and began to apply myself to working towards various certifications…..
…including Google. Although an avid user of Google, I took a year to really learn about the products inside and out. I also invested a great deal of time focusing on training educators about the many functionalities of GSuite. I took my time with the certifications and sat through the lessons {even though I thought I knew everything. It was amazing how much I did not know!}
I am an over-preparer though.
So if you have any questions about becoming a Google Certified Trainer, or if you have become a Google Certified Trainer and you have some insight to share, please leave them in the comments below.
Oh… and congrats Q4 graduating class of 2017!

Great Internet Safety Resources for K-2

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Internet Safety concepts are sometimes hard for the younger student. Below I listed  a few of my favorite resources.

Video: Faux Paw’s Adventures in the Internet (Oldie but Goodie)

What’s you favorite resource?


GSuite Classroom Assigning Discussion Groups

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If you haven’t heard by now, there is a new feature in Google Classroom that I have been longing for: assigning individual assignments! {You can read all about the new update features here.}

Released in January 2017, you can now assign students in your classrooms different assignments as well as questions. I have been using this feature for over a week to give it a test run- and it is everything that I have been waiting for!

Some examples of how I use it:

My fourth graders are currently working with a school in India on a project about pollution. The teacher in the school in India initiated the project by creating Padlets that discussed the causes and effects of pollution in India and shared it with us via two blog posts to look over and comment on. I did not want all the students to gravitate to the blog post that contained the padlet with more videos and less text articles. Using Google Classroom’s new feature, I simply divided the two posts strategically as two assignments in Google Classroom. This way I ensured that the students who may have felt overwhelmed by an overload of information, or have a learning disability recieved the blog post that had more videos.

I am also in the midst of coaching a fellow teacher on using the “Question” feature as a way to create groups within classroom to answer a series of questions pertaining to a piece of literature. The students within the group are to respond to one another posts by shedding additional text evidence and asking questions to their peers. The teacher participates as well by replying to the students responses and ensuring they are on task,

Below is a quick Video Tutorial that I created for the teacher of whom I am coaching to look upon as a reference.

How have you used this new feature?