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Over the summer, I spent a few days with The Buck Institute to learn how to build and sustain a program that encompasses HQPBL (High Quality Project Based Learning). It was a wonderful workshop that focused on the administrator side of implementing HQPBL school-wide.

A few months later, BIE returned for a follow-up workshop. This time I attended a teacher training. During this time, we were provided an activity using a bracket (similar to the “March Madness basketball brackets) in which we had to take BIE’s Gold Standard PBL: Essential Project Design Elements and thoughtfully explain why each Gold Standard PBL Element made it to the next round. We continued to do this until we had a winner. The idea behind this process was to ensure our ability to articulate our reasoning behind each selection. It was intense. However, I turn everything int a competition.

BIE’s instructor, Eric White explained how his teacher/professor/instructor {detail that I cannot remember} used this concept to test his students. Wow. Simply wow. Instead of having a scantron sheet with the standardized A, B, C, answer format (when in doubt choose C), he and his classmates had to think their way through a concept! {Insert mic drop… and slowly walk off the stage!}

Months later, I introduced this concept to the faculty at my school via my in-house course that I provide on 21st Century Learning & Teaching. For this module, I used Mentoring Minds, Developing 21st Century Critical Thinkers, and their elements for developing and fostering this skill in students. Here is the video tutorial that I provided for the faculty:

Sample of Critical Thinking Resource

My staff fell in love with this concept {as did I. Big shout out to Eric White for introducing this concept to me!} I decided to then turn this concept into something digital, where it could be shared and be used in collaboration if necessary!

You can get your copy of the bracket here!

Follow these directions to edit it and make it your own!

  1. In Google Slides, go to Slide located in the menu –> Edit Master:

2. Double click each shape to change the label inside. These elements are strictly place holders (starting points) so the user understands how each element on the bracket moved its way down.

3. Click the “White X” to leave the Edit Master screen:

4. Under the normal editing mode in Google Slides, I provided each bracket label element  with 4 pieces (shapes with text) in which your students can move around the bracket. You will need to change the label to each of these shapes. {Double click each shape to change the text label.}

5. Distribute your edited version to your students using the “Make-a-copy” feature in Google Classroom or by adding the word copy in place of sharing. Basically everything past the last / is changed to the word: copy as seen here:

Changed to “copy”

Enjoy! Again, you can get your copy of the bracket here!

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