Google Cheat Cards for Students (and teachers)

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It’s that time of year again: Back to School! After taking a personal “break,” I am back and ready to share!

As the integration specialist, it is part of my responsibility to make certain that new students are up-to-date and ready to use their newly assigned Chromebook for the school year. Let’s face it, if you are new to using a Chromebook, or Google in general, it may be overwhelming at first to retain all of the information coming your way. To ease the new students into our 1:1 initiative, I created these Google Cheat Cards that they can use as a reference. Some parts may be very specific to my school, so please feel free to take a copy and change what you need!


Please grab your copy here!



About Aimee Bloom

I am a run-on sentence. I typically am thought of as someone who is a forward-thinking with innovative ideas. ​ I am also an educational technology coordinator and a computer technology teacher. My passion is coaching and training teachers and administrators on the use of educational technology in their curriculum. One of my favorite pastimes is searching for a technology tool to met a teacher’s needs and the other way around. I coach the teachers in my building and travel to various schools to aid in the endeavor of educational technology. Because of my newly-added position as a student services coordinator, I began to use a Flip for my teacher trainings and recorded screencasts for the teachers to reference. It’s like Rent-a-Bloom. Not a 100% ideal situation, but I make videos as they are needed to either supplement the fact that I may not meet with them as often as they require, or they “heard from the grapevine” that I showed Mrs. XYZ how to use an {innovative} {collaborative} {communicative} tool. In the latter, the videos then served as a tool to get them started. The best part is, and the teachers that I coach will agree, they can fast forward me at anytime. ​ My second passion is sharing the love and sparking a fire. I hope the resources that I leave you with creates some interest in you. I would love to know that I started a blaze.