Using Google Sites for Digital Portfolios

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I have to say that since Google updated their Website creation tool, Sites, I have fallen in love with how easy it is to use. Not only for me, but for my students as well!

Yes. There are some functionalities that are missing as of today; like the ability to change the html code, however, you can not beat the familiarity and functionality of the new Sites.

For the last few weeks I have been working with my first graders as well as their teachers about using this tool to create an online digital portfolio.

So far, the first grade students have:

  • Created a new Site from their Google Drive.
  • Renamed and shared their Digital Portfolio
  • Changed banner image and text to personalize their portfolio
  • Inserted pages and sub pages to reflect their current grade level and academic areas.
  • Inserted their Google Slides project from their Google Drive into the Digital Portfolio.
  • Used a Chromebook to take a first grade selfie, edited using Pixlr Photo Express,  and uploaded the image to their first grade introductory page.
  • Added a written piece describing an “All About Me” statement to their first grade introductory page.

The first grade classes have noted how much it reminded them of Google Slides.

I have been in the first grade classrooms to assist the teachers on implementing Google Sites with their students, and they were very excited to be using this tool as a digital portfolio! Below is a tutorial that I provided the teachers with at my school and how we have built their digital portfolios. You may grab a copy of the tutorial here.

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