BrainPOP Make-a-Movie Student Created Tutorial

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Since 1999, BrainPOP has been able to turn the not-so-explainable into perfectly explained animated movies. Throughout the years, the company has gone above their theme of movie clips by successfully adding features such as Make-a-Map, GameUp, and Activities in a variety of topics and subjects. Being an advent user of BrainPOP and a proponent of project based learning, it was easy to understand why I quickly fell in love with the concept Make-a-Movie. In a world where we are all about presentations, it is refreshing to see an out-of-the-box perspective on having a student present material. I particularly love the ease of use and the ability to use this tool across grade levels, all while using a character that the students adore, Moby.

Of course, when it first launched, my students and I jumped aboard; and by true Bloom fashion, we learned about this tool together. So, it would be unjust of me to create a tutorial all on my lonesome.

The students (and their awesome parents who allowed them to partake in this tutorial) who assisted me in this tutorial are the 6th graders that are also in my Vex Robotics Club.  Honestly, I am pretty boring compared to the group of students who created this tutorial. Unscripted, these students nailed their explanations of how to use this tool. Edited, because their giggles would have comprised an additional 30 minutes of video.

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