Kids Computer Lesson: Business Cards and Social Media Advertising

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It’s been awhile since I shared a Kids Computer Lesson on here; especially since I have changed the name of the site and all that jazz. I feel like this year I have been taking some time to get myself acclimated to some STEM based projects (with a focus on the science and math). It’s been a lot of trial and error and a lot of playing on my part (yay!). I hope to be sharing my insights soon……{run!}

This lesson, in particular, is about going back to my roots. An art educator by trade, I often try to find ways to tie the arts into my curriculum. Honestly, it is not that hard, as a lot of what I teach (game design, web design, Flash animation) are easily intertwined. Even when I teach about Digital Literacy, by creating multimedia posters, movie editing, and blogging, much of the arts are tied to the foundation of those lessons. It is truly hard to escape not even having a basic understanding of the arts while teaching technology education. The big A is there; as it should be.

I teach a lot about Microsoft products in 7th grade. Some of my students who move on to high school have been known to successfully exempt themselves from entry-level computer classes, by completing an exam (where applicable). I’d like to think that I contributed to that. I really try to make the process fun, yet challenging. For example, instead of making a PowerPoint presentation, we create games and/or digitally animated stories. In Excel, my students go out and purchase cars, and receive bills, and pick a job from a hat (ironically how I got mine). I then teach them how to create a budget and what percentage is taken in taxes from your wages, and how much a mortgage costs, and then I hand them a tissue when they realize that “adulting” is not fun. Not fun at all. I also teach Word and Access. But you get my point. Keep it fun, keepin’ it real.

Sample of Advertising and Design kids computer lesson.

I then teach the attached lesson in Publisher. My students are hired by me, Bloom Industries, to be my assistants and embark into the world of advertising and design. We talk about the principles and elements of design. We talk about logos, and keeping the design elements simple. My students get to explore their creative side and, for a moment, it feels like home.

As stated, I use Publisher for this lesson. Canva would be another fantastic choice. Using Google Draw, and perhaps LucidPress, would work as well. I mean, who wouldn’t want to create a business card or a Social Media cover photo for Backstep Apparel, who specializes in one-hooked overalls, mood rings, skater tees, one-leg-up pants, chained wallets, wind jackets, and bandanas?

Sample of Advertising and Design unit for middle school students.

You can view the Slide-Deck Here

Or you can grab a copy of your own here
I hope you enjoy this lesson as much as I do. I have only had one student understand my 90’s references to the companies that I created.

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