New Kid’s Search Engine: Kiddle

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Thank you. Honestly. Kiddle. If you could see my standing ovation right now it would bring tears to your eyes.

I really like to give things a whirl before I write about them and share them out in the crowd. So I went to work. I played with the site for myself and tested it with the students- so far I am highly impressed.

Can I tell you that it is sometimes a nail biting endeavor to conduct searches online with children? Sometimes, with all the best efforts (and Google Safe Search, and Web content filtering, etc.) somethings manage to slip through the cracks. In any event, teaching your students about Internet Safety and the proper procedures about reporting inappropriate material (for example, turn off the screen, tell an adult) is your number one defense to protect your students! Check out additional Internet Safety Tips from Kiddle here.

Thank you to all who made this search engine possible!

I had to ask: Why and not .com? And wouldn’t you know it, they had an answer. From their site “Why does Kiddle use a .co instead of a .com domain?: In Kiddle’s case “co” stands for “children only” – our focus and vision for Kiddle.” Source.


This is a must! Check it out here 

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