Google Sites Hack- From a 5th Grader!

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I will be the first person to admit…

I don’t know everything. 

No really I don’t…. and honestly, I don’t want to either. It means that I have nothing left to learn.

That, to me, is scary.

My role as a teacher has put me in the position as one who is viewed as “all knowing” or “with knowledge.” I believe that I have humanized my role as an educator and professional by confessing that  I don’t know everything, and that I yearn for information.

My students fully get it when I announce “Kids, I found this great piece of technology…XYZ…. I have NEVER used it before. I think it would be really great to use in this project! Let’s figure it out together!”

It gets me out of my seat- It disrupts the authoritative nature of being an educator, and being in front of the class- it puts me in the chair next to the student. Learning with them.

My room at any given time is much like organized chaos. My students are out of their seats. They are talking. To some, my classroom may seem very overwhelming. But they are excited. They are sharing. And most of all, they are in control of their learning process.

{A little side note, a back story before I fast forward to what I am trying to show you: A while back, I showed my students how you can access Websites “code source” on any given Website. Like, I mean a while ago….. Who knew it would come in handy for the lesson I have been working with them on?}

One of my 5th grade lessons that I am proud of is on the parts of the computer. In this lesson, students dissect and pull a part desktop computers, take photographs, edit them, and create a collaborative Website using Google Sites. This is out first year using the new Google Sites. I love the feel of the of it, but I still find it very limiting when it comes to creatively changing the appearance. I am an artist by trade. It bugs me.

My 5th grade students discovered a “hack” on how to change the look and feel of Google Sites. I was schooled. They taught me something that I cannot believe I didn’t think of myself!

Way to go 5th grade. Way. To. Go.

Without further ado: a 5th Graders Google Site Hack


Upon publishing the site we have determined that the code does not stick. Much attempts by my 5th grade students have erred this post to be only partially awesome. After many attempts and trying ctrl+alt+s, we still cannot get the code to stay. Rest assured- a class pizza party is at stake for the first student who can find (if one exists) workaround. Still, you have to admit that it is pretty cool that they discovered this. My students found this forum regarding this change. Do your part and make a suggestion to Google. This is going to my next lesson!

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